Our advisors’ exceptional ability to combine civil and fiscal law as well as personal and financial aspects when counseling trusts and foundations is the main reason why so many founders, beneficiaries, and foundation boards place their trust in our hands.

Around 3,600 private foundations have been established in Austria since 1993. But since 2012 the number of dissolutions every year has exceeded that of newly formed foundations. And precisely because the tax framework conditions have become less attractive, it is important to think carefully about what needs to be done with regard to your foundation:

  • Establishing a foundation: When does it make sense to establish a foundation?
  • Maintaining a foundation: Do the documents and structure still correspond to current needs and basic conditions?
  • Dissolving a foundation: What is the best possible exit from the private foundation from a tax point of view?

You need to make important decisions. Our expertise and experience can make all the difference.

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We offer interdisciplinary advice.

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