Advice for beneficiaries - “next generation”

Many foundations have already been passed on to the next generation. Because they were not explicitly named as founders, descendants are often merely beneficiaries and have none of the founder’s rights. However, there are ways to ensure the balanced influence of the next generation. In this respect, it is necessary to make provisions for the death or legal incapacity of the founder.

Our services include:

  • Advising beneficiaries relating to their tasks in supervisory boards or advisory bodies of foundations
  • Comprehensive tax law advice, including current tax returns
  • Fiscal recognition of benefits in Austria and in the international context
  • Tax-neutral benefits (repayment of capital)
  • Withholding tax relief
  • Advice on design and implementation of tax-efficient, sustainable structures
  • Asset protection (protection against creditors’ access)

Your Experts

Yvonne Schuchter-Mang

Tax Advisor | Partner

Matthias Hofstätter

Tax Advisor | Partner

Maria Schlagnitweit

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Roland Fugger

Tax Advisor | Partner