Our tax expertise for your asset management

Our clients trust us when it comes to investing in Austria or abroad – whether capital investment products, real estate, corporate participating interests or private equity interests, or agriculture and forestry.

Our experts analyze whether your foreign capital investment is in compliance with tax law. This applies to such cases governed by specific tax treaties concluded by Austria with Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as to those that are not. We prepare your foreign capital investments for the automatic exchange of financial account data and carry out any necessary disclosures toward the tax authority. You benefit from our many years of experience with disclosure projects in connection with foreign capital investments.

Our services:

  • Capital assets

    • Determination of income from capital assets

    • Optimization of the “final taxation” effect in the case of capital investments with domestic banks

    • Optimization of the tax burden on income from capital assets

    • Qualification of financial investment products according to tax law

  • Regularization of assets invested abroad

    • Voluntary disclosures of capital assets invested abroad

    • Advice with regard to the specific tax treaties with Switzerland and Liechtenstein

    • Tax advice with regard to the automatic exchange of financial account data

  • Alternative investments (e.g. real estate, private equity interests, corporate participating interests, precious metals, aircraft, ships, etc)

  • Qualification of stock options and other employee participation models according to tax law

Your Experts

Rainer Brandl

Tax Advisor | Partner

Matthias Hofstätter

Tax Advisor | Partner

Yvonne Schuchter-Mang

Tax Advisor | Partner