Real estate transactions

An in-depth analysis of your target property makes it easier for you to decide whether a purchase makes financial sense and which way to go with your potential investment. Thanks to their extensive experience with transactions and bundled know-how, our experts will provide you with precise recommendations for far-sighted decisions and solutions. This allows you to take advantage of all the long-term opportunities your project has to offer while avoiding risks.

Financial and tax due diligence

  • Real estate investment quick check as a preliminary step

  • Red flag to full scope due diligence

  • Structured and precise approach

  • Efficient collection of information to facilitate good decisions

  • Focus on efficient processes and problem solving


  • Tailored financing plan

  • Coordination with financial specifications

  • Tax optimization of liquidity flows

  • Best possible avoidance of withholding taxes

Pre-/Post-acquisition structuring

  • Decision as to asset deal or share deal

  • Elimination of potential trade-offs

  • Stable optimization with a focus on long-term success

  • Interface to other consultants and jurisdictions

  • Implementation and ongoing monitoring of the structure to determine any need for adjustment

Transaction support and drafting of contracts

  • Purchase price determination and calculation

  • Consulting services in relation to the balance sheet guarantee and tax clause

  • Support during contract negotiations

  • Efficient and seamless communication with all parties involved

  • Focus on negotiation success

quick check real estate investment

You can count on our support when facing a complex investment decision. Customized, compact, and with precise recommendations.

Your Experts

Andreas Damböck

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Lothar Egger

Tax Advisor | Partner

Herbert Heiser

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Certified and Court-Appointed Expert | Partner

Florian Huber

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Martin Mang

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Christian Oberhumer

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Harald Galla

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Director