Just one piece of advice from a mentor can make all the difference for a startup

Competent mentoring provides startups with the knowledge they would have taken years to acquire by themselves. This is why we let each innovative startup choose its own mentor. Some mentor-mentee pairs meet up just once, while others keep in touch for a year or longer. With Together they hone business plans, find sales models, and establish direct contact to customers.

It is not uncommon that mentors or their companies invest in the startups after having worked together in our mentoring program. startupleitner.com, facebook.com/startupleitner, LinkedIn

SLAX makes businesses “investable”

SLAX is an accelerator that helps innovative startups to enter the market quickly and profitably.

A specialist panel of judges decides which startups will be taken on. Prior to the four-month crash course in the co-working space, we carefully examine the needs of the individual teams, and together we develop a customized plan. 13 coaches and about 40 mentors participated in SLAX III.

Thanks to a credit system, each team can achieve the maximum possible outcome. We cover all relevant areas and provide hands-on support. Various training courses relating to sales, personal development, and negotiation skills ensure that the startups are well equipped moving forward.

Our reliable network of mentors is on hand to provide concrete feedback and the mentors also utilize their own networks. startupleitnerx.com

A growing range of services:

  • We connect startups with international accelerators
  • We provide the most current information on legal options and tax incentives such as the research premium
  • We provide access to clusters, excellence networks, and the startup ecosystem
  • We work together with the media in the startup scene and the major startup initiatives
  • In terms of digitization and industry 4.0, we connect established companies of the “old economy” with innovative startups of the “new economy”

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