Make use of subsidy programs

Besides the tax-based research premium, a large number of direct funding programs are available for the realization of your R&D projects. In addition to R&D funding, there are numerous other funding instruments for the areas of Startups & Growth, Environment & Energy, Exports and Tourism.

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced consultants. We are happy to identify the appropriate direct funding instruments for your company and help you to maximize your potential. Our experts keep an eye on all the applications and deadlines and ensure that you make optimum use of all funding sources.

Our services:

  • Development of a funding strategy
    • Planning and scheduling to ensure the best possible utilization, implementation, and management of the funding instruments.
  • Support from application through to final settlement Support with
    • Preparation of documents
    • Submission of application
    • On-going status reports and current reporting
    • Final settlement of subsidies
  • Your advantages
    • Overview of the subsidy landscape
    • Timely professional planning and application submission
    • Compliance with all deadlines and reporting obligations
  • Our offer
    • Quick Check to identify funding potentials
    • Uncovering possible optimization measures
    • Full support during the entire application process from submission through to final settlement

Your Experts

Christian Oberhumer

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Natascha Stornig-Wisek

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Katharina Füreder

Tax Advisor | Director