implementation and assessment of Tax Compliance Management System

An effective Tax Compliance Management System (TCMS) sets the ground for ensuring that you are in conformity with tax law. This has clear advantages for your business: a TCMS not only brings to light any tax-relevant risks, but also puts measures in place (processes, controls, etc.) that ensure the taxes related to routine processes and special situations in your company are paid to the tax authorities in the correct amount and on time. Consequently, a TCMS makes sense for large companies and SMEs alike.

What are the advantages of a TCMS?

  • Risk avoidance
    • financial risks (tax arrears, interest, surcharges)
    • risks to decision makers, employees, and the company itself with regard to criminal tax law (association responsibility)
    • reputation risks
    • business risks (suspension of the contract award procedure in the case of public procurement, exclusion from subsidies)
  • Improvement of the company organization
    • efficient risk management
    • process optimization (well-structured and clearly defined processes in the area of tax)
    • clearly set-out tasks for employees, stability during personnel turnover
    • integration in existing systems within the company (RM, ICS, IT, etc.), utilization of systemic synergies
  • Ensuring the company is prepared for audits
    • excellent reliability of the company
    • possible expediting of audits (process-oriented audit)
  • Option of participating in accompanying monitoring as an alternative to conventional external audits

Our experts are highly experienced and can provide support with setting up a TCMS that is tailored to the particular needs and size of your company.

Our services include:

  • evaluating the framework conditions (status quo)
  • jointly laying down the tax compliance goals and tax strategy
  • clearly defining responsibilities in the area of tax
  • drawing up your tax guidelines
  • identifying, analyzing, and evaluating the main tax-relevant risks
  • defining risk coverage measures
  • establishing your risk-control matrix
  • working out and implementing the specified risk coverage measures (process descriptions, checklists, training concepts, etc.)
  • regulating the TCMS communication measures within the company
  • regulating the measures for monitoring and optimizing the TCMS
  • providing support with integrating the measures in the existing process and control documentation
  • evaluating the existing systems and exploiting the capabilities of a TCMS
  • providing support with the tool-based implementation of the TCMS

Do you already have an operational TCMS but still need it to be certified? Our experts are also happy to assist you with this.


Praxishandbuch Steuerkontrollsystem

A concise outline and valuable tips on implementing and assessing Tax Compliance Managment Systems from renowned authors in businesses, tax authorities, and consulting firms (AT and DE).

Publisher: Norbert Schrottmeyer and Roland Macho

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