For many companies, controlling, reporting, planning, and budgeting demand considerable effort and resources. The planning and controlling process is highly complex, involves huge amounts of data, and is becoming increasingly digitized – not to mention that the associated costs are often underestimated. Our experts will help make your processes more efficient, which will free up resources in your company. Our foresighted advice on business-related issues and specific recommendations for action enhance the positive development of your company.

Our services:

  • Setup or takeover of your cost accounting

  • Support of your planning and budgeting process

  • Conclusive target-performance analyses

  • Cash flow calculations/planning/forecasts

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for your company

  • Continuous integration of actual data from your internal accounting department

  • Information for your business decisions, corporate planning, and business plan

  • Design of an internal and external reporting system and key indicator system to improve your bank rating

  • Organization of a budget for the course of a year and a financial plan for up-to-date overviews of your liquidity

  • Establishment of an early warning system and risk management in order to catch critical situations in time

  • Variable analyses tailored to your company-specific requirements

  • 24/7 access to your data and analyses via our innovative online platform 2.0.

  • Well-trained, trustworthy employees with professional experience

Your Experts

Lothar Egger

Tax Advisor | Partner

Martin Mang

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Viktoria Buchacher

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Director