On-site support for your accounting team

Do vacations, sickness, or unexpected absences pose particular challenges to your accounting team? Or is your team sometimes overwhelmed during peak business periods?

We are accustomed to working flexibly, remotely, and on site. Our specialists step in to assist you at short notice, no matter what accounting system you use. All your current data is still available to you, allowing you to maintain or improve your accounting quality standards. When you no longer need the service, you can simply terminate it without notice. We are also available on call or for extended periods, as needed.

Your advantages

  • Short-term bridging of staff shortages
  • Cushioning of peak business periods without additional fixed costs
  • Increased efficiency in your accounting

Your Experts

Lothar Egger

Tax Advisor | Partner

Martin Mang

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Viktoria Buchacher

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Director

Sonja Kranewitter

Tax Advisor | Director