Outsourcing of payment transactions

Payment transactions have a direct impact on your company’s liquidity and consequently on its assets. An effective internal control system is required by law as a safeguard and must also be continuously monitored for compliance. The executive board is held liable for this. Outsourcing your payment transactions reduces your costs and risks (IT and security), creates resources, and allows you to fully focus on your core business.

Our services

  • Use of the latest telebanking software of all major banks
  • State-of-the-art IT systems to protect against hacking
  • Well-trained, trustworthy staff with professional experience
  • Ongoing training for our employees on dealing with social engineering (e.g. recent developments in “fake president attacks”)
  • Dual control with continuous monitoring
  • Continuous maintenance of your supplier master data
  • Digitization and automation to the greatest possible extent
  • Continuous monitoring of current market developments in the area of payment transactions/systems and IT security requirements

Your Experts

Lothar Egger

Tax Advisor | Partner

Martin Mang

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Viktoria Buchacher

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Director

Sonja Kranewitter

Tax Advisor | Director