Annual audit

We take our responsibility as auditors very seriously and are aware that clients rely on our objective audit opinion. Our experts have extensive experience in carrying out annual audits, taking into account current regulations and the latest accounting and auditing legislation.

A special team is put together for each audit mandate, and your main advisor will coordinate with your management and supervisory board throughout the audit process. In order to quickly and simply clarify any questions arising during the audit, your personal advisor will have the support of an experienced audit manager who is qualified as a tax advisor. If the situation calls for it, we also involve specialists from the areas of law and IT, as well as tax law (e.g. value added tax, international tax law, reorganizations, etc.). In this way, we can ensure that the audit is target oriented, efficient and tailored to the individual needs and risks of your organization.

Our experienced auditors examine your financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with local (Austrian) GAAP and IFRS. In addition, we also act as component auditors for audits of consolidated financial statements.

Praxity - worldwide auditing

LeitnerLeitner is a member of Praxity, a global alliance of member firms. Your advantage: All auditing services from a single source, wherever you do business.

Your Experts

Heribert Bach

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Certified and Court-Appointed Expert | Partner

Christian Oberhumer

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Florian Huber

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Herbert Heiser

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Certified and Court-Appointed Expert | Partner