Audit review and other services

Our audit-related services include:

  • Audit review of financial statements and consolidated financial statements, group reporting packages, interim financial statements

  • Management audits and auditing of accounts of associations and public bodies

  • Audit and evaluation of the suitability of the accounting structure and organization

  • Audit of internal control systems

  • Audit of outsourced functions

  • Audit connected with insolvency proceedings

  • Audit of budgetary accounting

  • Embezzlement audits

  • Analysis of creditworthiness

  • Confirmations of financial covenants, working capital, sales, EBIT confirmation

  • Subsidy confirmations (investment subsidies, expenditure subsidies, export financing, employment bonus)

  • Examination of the basis for assessment of the research premium according to Sec 108c of the (Austrian) Income Tax Act (EStG)

  • Examination of the eligibility of donations for favorable tax treatment, examination of the preconditions for deductibility of donations

  • Audit of the closing balance sheet in M&A transactions

  • Expert opinions

Your Experts

Herbert Heiser

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Certified and Court-Appointed Expert | Partner

Florian Huber

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner