Accounting Advice

Accounting is becoming more and more challenging for companies. The abundance and complexity of accounting rules in compliance with national and international standards as well as a permanent flood of new regulations require in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Our auditors work together with you to develop tailored solutions for your various accounting requirements. We provide you with targeted, bespoke advice on questions regarding individual and consolidated financial statements, both in accordance with national (Austrian GAAP) and international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

Our services:

  • Conversion of your financial statements or consolidated financial statements to IFRS (or transition of local (Austrian) GAAP accounting to consolidated balance sheet values)

  • Implementation of amended or newly issued IFRS

  • Preparation of your financial statements and consolidated financial statements, in terms of both content and system

  • Assessment of special issues relating to accounting or the interpretation of discretionary powers

  • Assistance with valuation issues in connection with the annual financial statements (impairment testing, purchase price allocation)

  • Preparation or updating of accounting and group manuals in accordance with (Austrian) GAAP and IFRS

  • Ongoing optimization of the accounting process, with regard to both individual and consolidated financial statements

Your Expert

Heribert Bach

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Certified and Court-Appointed Expert | Partner