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You can count on our support when facing a complex investment decision. Customized, compact, and with precise recommendations.

Real Estate Investment Quick Check

You have been presented with an attractive real estate offer and aren’t entirely certain whether to invest or not? Our Real Estate Investment Quick Check helps you with your decision. Our experts efficiently and quickly analyze the financial framework conditions of the offer.

The Quick Check offers the following advantages:

  • Professional ROI calculations and profitability analyses with regard to asset deal and share deal

  • Valuable information on potential deal breakers

  • Minimization of the risk of making a bad investment

Our Quick Check is primarily aimed at foundations, family offices, and private individuals, but also at SMEs looking for an alternative investment or wanting to purchase real estate for their own use.

We analyze both income properties (residential, office and commercial real estate) and properties for private use. We prepare our reports in a transparent form for predefined committees and personally present our findings and recommendations for action to you.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try our Real Estate Investment Quick Check for yourself and take advantage of all the benefits.

Your Experts

Florian Huber

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Herbert Heiser

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Certified and Court-Appointed Expert | Partner