Restructuring services

When companies are in crisis, they need to be able to turn to seasoned experts with comprehensive business know-how and crisis-specific legal knowledge for advice. Our specialists have long-standing expertise in overcoming crises and will work out tailor-made, constructive solutions for you. Interdisciplinary cooperation is a matter of course for us. If required, we can refer you to our many reliable partners from a wide variety of disciplines.

Services for banks

  • Review of continued existence forecasts

  • Support for customers with the preparation of continued existence forecasts

  • Examination of rehabilitation plans for decisions concerning approval/financing

  • Liquidity and earnings analyses in the event of liquidity crises, e.g. as preparation for decisions on prolongation or assessment of refinancing by another bank

  • Special audits, e.g. on questions regarding deposit refunding, equity substitution

  • Valuations of shares as a basis for the internal determination of collateral values within the bank

  • Supervision/monitoring of the implementation of decided rehabilitation measures

Services for insolvency administrators

  • Expert opinions on special topics (e.g. timing of insolvency/over-indebtedness, deposit refunding, equity substitution, etc.)

  • Preparation of continuation profit and loss statements

  • Preparation of the documents for appeals (if there is an appropriate database with analysis software)

  • Support with identifying the causes of the crisis and examination of continuation concepts, e.g. to illustrate the possibility of rehabilitation proceedings or a rescue plan

  • Valuations

  • Support for insolvency administrators in the event of continued operations (bookkeeping, payroll accounting, balancing, controlling)

  • Calculation of employees’ termination entitlements

  • Supervision of joint audits of wage-dependent levies (GPLA), coordination with IESF

Services for businesses

  • Support in the preparation of continued existence forecasts and budgetary accounting

  • (Financial) Restructuring concepts ­– financial planning and debt restructuring

  • Development and supervision of the implementation of decided restructuring measures, e.g. liquidity safeguarding, measures to increase earnings

  • Preparation of insolvency in order to achieve rehabilitation proceedings / a rescue plan

  • Vendor financial and tax due diligence

  • Tax structuring (e.g. for bringing in an investor, exit, realization of losses carried forward)

  • Assistance with ongoing controlling

  • Advice on developing reporting systems and structured management information

Your Experts

Herbert Heiser

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Certified and Court-Appointed Expert | Partner

Christian Oberhumer

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner