Valuation Services

Are you considering buying or selling a company? Are you currently preparing to restructure your group, or are valuation questions coming up as you prepare your annual or consolidated financial statements? Our experts can solve your complex evaluation issues efficiently, comprehensively, and with a concept that is individually tailored to your needs. You can rely on the profound know-how of our auditing, tax, and law specialists.

Our services:

  • Valuations and support in negotiations on purchase and sale prices, as well as financing in the context of M&A transactions

  • Valuation services in connection with post-merger integration

  • Advice on the fulfilment of legal requirements for tax and corporate restructuring and reorganization

  • Fairness opinions to support M&A transactions and other key business decisions

  • Advice on valuation issues in the area of national and international reporting, from purchase price allocation to impairment testing

  • Valuation of intangible assets

  • Preparation and review of Excel-based calculation models

Your Expert

Florian Huber

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner