Advice on wage tax, social security and labor law issues

Do you have any questions regarding wage tax, social security, or labor law? Because legislation is constantly changing, it is essential to keep up to date on this subject matter. You can count on the many years of experience and comprehensive specialist knowledge of our experts.

Our services:

  • Advice on drafting employment contracts

  • Preparation of (sample) employment contracts

  • Advice upon entering into and terminating employment contracts

  • Comparative calculations (e.g. gross-net calculations, partial retirement calculations, premium calculations, termination-related claims)

  • Payroll Checks

  • Coverage verification for collective bargaining agreements

  • Advice on advancements due to collective bargaining agreements

  • Distinction between work contracts and (free) employment contracts

  • Working time arrangements

  • Anti-wage and social dumping provisions

  • Advice on the tax-optimized and social security optimized structuring of executive’s remuneration

Your Experts

Claudia Anzinger

Tax Advisor | Director

Thomas Kiesenhofer

Tax Advisor | Partner

Andrea Rieser-Fruhmann

Tax Advisor | Partner