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CBAM, a practical approach



10.30 - 12.00 o’clock



As a member of the European Excise Association we are inviting you to take part in the webinar “CBAM – a practical approach” with speakers from different member states inkluding our specialist Peter Pichler.

We all (or almost all) have heard about the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). As the deadline for the first CBAM report for 4Q 2023 is coming (next 31 of Jan 2024), we want to give a practical approach to this new regulation that will affect the importation into the EU of certain goods (cement, iron & steel, aluminium, fertilizers, electricity and hydrogen):

  • General perspective: Transitional / fully implemented periods
  • CBAM obligations whether one act as an EU or a non-EU company
  • Practical approach:
    • How to prepare informations from a non-EU perspective
    • How CBAM transitional portal looks like


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