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Additional expertise for special audits, other audits and audit reviews

Besides the audit requirement for annual and consolidated financial statements, the law also stipulates other audits for certain situations: e.g. for offers submitted according to the Takeover Act, reorganisations or conversions, management audits of associations or confirmations for numerous subsidies. Audit reviews and voluntary audits also supply important information about the company’s business activities and financial growth, the efficiency of internal processes and possible areas of development.

Using their know-how and extensive experience, our experts are ready to assist with all mandatory or voluntary audit situations. We provide a designated team that looks after all audit matters, so that all of the challenges that arise can be handled in the best manner possible.

Our services 

  • Audits of incorporations and contributions in kind, audits of residual assets
  • Audits of reorganisations, splits and mergers, and audits in the context of M&A transactions
  • Audits according to the Minority Shareholders Squeeze Out Act (GesAusG) and the Capital Adjustment Act (KapGB)
  • Audit of offers according to the Takeover Act (ÜbG)
  • Audit review of annual and consolidated financial statements, group reporting packages, interim financial statements
  • Management audits and internal audits of associations and public corporations
  • Audit and assessment of the adequacy of the accounting system’s structure and organisation
  • Audit of internal control systems and outsourced functions
  • Audits in connection with insolvency proceedings
  • Embezzlement audits, creditworthiness checks
  • Confirmations re: financial covenants, working capital, sales revenues, EBIT confirmation
  • Budget accounting audits
  • Subsidy confirmations (investment grants, cost contributions, export financing, employment bonuses)
  • Audit of the assessment basis in the context of the research premium according to sec. 108c EStG (Income Tax Act)
  • Audit of favorable treatment of donations and the criteria regarding the deductibility of donations
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Heribert Bach
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Andreas Dedl
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Director
Silvia Hofer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Florian Huber
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Petra Köhl-Hanke
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Director
Manuela Madlmayr
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Christian Oberhumer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Eva-Maria Schlitzer-Alagas
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Director
Andrea Wartner-Weixlbaumer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
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