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Looking at the bigger picture when it comes to real estate transactions

The purchase, sale or transfer of a property can become an extremely important decision for private individuals, private foundations or even companies. A sound analysis of the property and the general market situation makes it easier to weigh the different investment options.

Our team, with its extensive experience in transactions and combined know-how from a variety of situations, is ready to assist you with clear recommendations for action: from precise due diligence activities and financial advice/structuring to designing the relevant contracts. In this way, you can take advantage of the long-term opportunities offered by your project while also avoiding tax and financial risks with due diligence activities. Depending on the issue at hand, our expert teams collaborate using an interdisciplinary approach.

Our services

  • Quick check of the real estate investment as a preliminary step
  • Financial and tax due diligence (red flag or full scope)
  • Development of tailored and tax-optimised purchase and financing structures
  • Tax optimisation of cash flows
  • Tax-related forecasts
  • Reduction in transaction costs
  • Best possible avoidance of withholding taxes
  • Solutions to potential trade-offs
  • Resilient optimisation with a focus on long-term success
  • Interface to other advisors and jurisdictions
  • Purchase price calculation
  • Advisory services in connection with accounts warranties and tax clauses
  • Assistance with contract negotiations
  • Implementation and on-going monitoring of the structure re: need for adjustment
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Andreas Damboeck
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Lothar Egger
Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Harald Galla
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Herbert Heiser
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Florian Huber
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Christian Oberhumer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Michael Pucher
Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
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