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More clarity for special real estate issues

Real estate transactions often create special challenges that may vary considerably from owner to owner (institutional investors, private individuals or private foundations). We always look at the big picture to manage these challenges.

Depending on the issue at hand, our expert teams will use an interdisciplinary approach to develop the right solution. Accordingly, the entire know-how of all of our experts is always at your disposal. And we always focus on the special requirements of your real estate project.

Our services

  • Reorganisations
  • Advice for alternative and hybrid financing
  • Preparation of tax opinions
  • Transfer prices and documentation
  • Tax representation and on-going support for real estate funds
  • Succession planning for real estate investments
  • Representation in appeal proceedings
  • Implementation of special audits
  • Real estate transfer tax
  • Stamp duties
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Andreas Damboeck
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Lothar Egger
Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Harald Galla
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Herbert Heiser
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Florian Huber
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Christian Oberhumer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Michael Pucher
Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Iryna Stetsko
Tax Advisor | Director
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