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The tax issues that arise in groups of companies are often quite different from conventional tax questions, both with respect to their scope and their focus. Multinational corporations are confronted with multiple tax regimes, which means that they also have complex tax obligations. At the same time, this complexity also provides them with more options than companies that operate in one country.

LeitnerLeitner offers a new perspective for this complexity. Corporate law, and in particular group tax law have been among our core disciplines for many years. The experts at LeitnerLeitner have dealt with questions related to utilisation of losses, cross-border structuring or transfer price systems for many years. Together with our international network, we ensure that no stone remains unturned when it comes to potential tax options.

Our services

  • Tax and corporate structuring advice
  • Support with national and cross-border restructuring
  • Tax review and international comparisons of tax burdens
  • European tax law
  • International tax law
  • Tax rulings and negotiations with fiscal authorities
  • Support with company audits
  • Management of financial proceedings and representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Introduction and review of tax compliance management systems
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Heribert Bach
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Andreas Damboeck
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Gebhard Furherr
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Gerald Gahleitner
Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Herbert Heiser
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Clemens Nowotny
Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Christian Oberhumer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Norbert Schrottmeyer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
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