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Private individuals, foundations or family offices whose family members are spread across the globe often face par­ticular tax challenges when it comes to the preparation of tax returns and managing on-going tax issues; in addition, they must also de­fine the optimum structure for personal capital and real estate in­vestments and succession planning. The objective: to ensure that all tax and legal aspects are addressed and that their own personal re­quirements and expectations are met.

Our experienced teams can look after your in­dividual and your family’s concerns in accor­dance with your current and future needs in order to arrive at the appropriate tax solution that stands the test of time. In this context, we focus on the human factor. For each de­cision with a tax and asset relevance, you can count on our extensive ex­perience, our professional instinct and our carefully selected international network.

To this end, we use an inter­disciplinary approach and work hand in hand to find a solution that meets the needs of your current situation in life, making your life easier.

On-going tax matters

  • Pre­paration of tax returns
  • Sub­mission of all required reports to the tax office
  • Calculation and tax optimisation of in­come from capital assets
  • Refund of foreign with­holding taxes
  • Representation in appeal proceedings
  • Procurement of legal information from tax authorities (rulings)
  • Advisory services for artists, athletes and expatriates
  • Family office services

Asset structuring

  • Optimal tax structure for your assets in the various asset classes
  • Support with re­quests for proposals for your asset investments
  • Optimal tax structure for your charitable en­gagement
  • Re­structuring of assets located abroad
  • Tax qualification of e.g. stock options and other employee participation models

International mobility

  • Safeguarding your international mobility
  • Identification of best place of residence for tax purposes
  • Vacation properties
  • Advice and support with international relocations
  • Assessment of tax-related residency questions

Estate planning

  • Anticipated succession
  • Contracts between family members
  • Estate planning in a national and international context
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Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
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