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Tax advice with foresight

Tax laws are complex, dynamic and affect everyone – including businesses and private individuals. Much depends on the ability to manage one’s taxes.

And while tax laws are very complex, our experts maintain a sense of perspective and are always up to date on the newest tax legislation, jurisprudence and administrative practice. We are your reliable partner when it comes to your on-going tax issues. We protect you against unpleasant surprises so you can focus on your main business.

Our services

  • Advice for all tax questions under national and international tax law
  • Optimisation of your business structure and selection of optimum legal form
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual tax returns and other on-going tax reporting obligations
  • Ascertainment of profits/cash basis accounting
  • Forecast calculations for real estate investments, calculation and optimisation of real estate profit taxes
  • Support with audits
  • Representation in appeal proceedings
  • Implementation and assessment of tax control systems
  • Restructuring advice including implementation in accounting system
  • Research premium, subsidies
  • Tax refunds (e.g. input taxes, (foreign) withholding taxes)
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Andreas Damboeck
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Lothar Egger
Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Katharina Fuereder
Tax Advisor | Director
Silvia Hofer
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Monika Lehner
Tax Advisor | Director
Manuela Madlmayr
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner
Martin Mang
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Brigitte Muehleder
Tax Advisor | Director
Maria Schlagnitweit
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
Natascha Schneider
Tax Advisor | Partner
Natascha Stornig-Wisek
Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner | Shareholder
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